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Platter A platter is a large shallow dish used for serving foods. Platters can be made from many materials and come in many sizes. Food can also be served from trays.

A Sizzler Platter, is a sub-variety of Platter, usually made of metal (see below). 


There are many types of Platters made from many different types of materials. Two of the most common types of sub-categories of Platters are:

Sizzle Platters, or Sizzle Plates are heavy-duty serving dishes made from metal, like Cast Iron that retains heat, so that the cooked item is then served, still sizzling, at tableside. Steaks and Prawns are two foods that are often served sizzling. 

Trenchers, were some of the earliest types of plates but they are now round, completely flat plates made of metal or wood. A decorative Cheeseboard, is the most common type of Trencher that we may have seen.