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A Trivet is an object placed between a dish, pan, or bowl and the surface it rests on. 

Typically, a trivet is used to protect the finish of a dining table from a hot serving dish or bowl, but a trivet can also be used to protect a pot or pan from the heating element of a stove or oven. A Chestnut Roaster is and example of the latter. 

Historically, "trivet" can also refer to the tripod used to hold cook pots over coals, or an open fire like a campfire. The word trivet is derived from the Latin word for tripod.  You will likely come across trivets constructed from metal, wood, ceramic, fabric, silicone or cork.We don't suggest using wooden trivets in the oven or on a table top. 

In addition to lifting items, Trivets also allow air flow to pass around and below the food items to, in the case of the table top, cool them, or in the case of a Roasting Pan, heat them. A Trivet should suspend its load, a half inch to an inch in the air.

Trivet designs range from the utilitarian to artistic, though all perform the same job. Some trivets are custom-fit for a specific piece of cookware, like a Gravy Boat or a Tea Pot. Others are general purpose. 


When in the market for a a trivet, both form and function are important. If yours will remain on the table between meals, perhaps it should be more decorative, maybe a beautiful ceramic or a colorful silicon.

Culinary Uses

Alternatively, they can be used in a Roasting Pan to keep Roasting food up and out of their own juices so that they Roast instead of StewingSteaming or Braising.


Any material that can safely absorb heat and offers protection, even an Oven MittPot Holder or Kitchen Towel can considered an informal trivet.