Metal Storageware
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Metal Storageware is predominantly either “tin” or stainless steel.



Metal “Tins” are often used to store dry foods like cookies, cocoa, dried fruit, flour, or sugar. In actuality, “Tins” and “Tin Cans” are not really made of tin. They're actually steel cans with tin coatings on the inside and outside. Some kinds of strongly colored acidic foods will fade in color from long exposure to tin so a type of enamel liner called "R-enamel" is used to forestall this. Certain other kinds of food that are high in sulfur or that are close to neutral in pH will also discolor from prolonged contact with tin. For those foods, cans with "C-enamel" are used.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is very durable, easy to seal, stain resistant, relatively light and can go right on the stove top and they are dishwasher safe.

The major drawbacks include: price, lack of transparency, and that they can't be micro-waved.