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Culinary Uses Bouillon Strainer is a conical metal strainer with a perforated metal body; used for straining stocks and sauces and, with a pestle, to puree soft foods.
China Cap; also known as "chinois," has a larger mesh size and is used whenever a preparation calls for general, but not fine, straining. Both types of Chinois are conical liquid strainers shaped like ancient Chinese hats, hence the name “China Cap” and/or...
A Chinois is a Conical Strainer that Resembles a Chinese Hat.
A Colander is a large perforated metal bowl on a stand with handles. Culinary Uses Used to drain or separate solid food products from liquids.
Culinary Uses Skimmer is a cooking tool, with a long handle, used to skim impurities or Fat from hot liquids.
Spider: A long-handled device with a shallow almost bowl-shaped disk at the end made of mesh or perforated wire. Purchasing If you are in the market for a Spider you can find a pretty reasonably priced one at Amazon. Culinary Uses It is used to place food or items into hot...
A Strainer is typically a food grade wire mesh suspended from a metal frame and handle. Culinary Uses Strainers are used to separate ingredients based on their size. Things that can pass through the strainer will. Those that cannot will remain in the mesh bowl. Strainers are used...