The Knife Test Means Using a Sharp Knife Blade to Check a Cooking Product.

Knife Test
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The Knife Test refers to using the sharp blade of a Paring Knife (or other thin pointed blade) to test a Finish Cooked product for the Desired Level of Doneness.

Generally, the item is done if a knife will slide into it with the gentlest of pressures. A second corollary of the knife test is that the product is done when the knife blade comes out of the product cleanly with out any of the product clinging to it.

Culinary Uses

In cooking or Baking some some food items, like Baked Potatoes, the first principle is most important. In some cases, like Baking, the second principle is the more important one. 

Smart Kitchen's Teaching Chef demonstrates The Knife Test in our Simmering Potatoes Exercise in the Beginning Level.