Longissimus Muscle
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The second most tender muscle in the steer, the long, tubular, Longissimus Dorsi is responsible for many of the best cuts of beef, like the Rib Eye, the Top Loin, the Strip Loin and the Chuck Eye.

Either the cut of meat you are considering has Tenderloin muscle or Longissimus Dorsi Muscle or it doesn’t. Both muscles define “middle meat” and non-action muscle as they run along the spine of the steer and help support the backbone. The Tenderloin (Psoas major) runs below the spine for a short distance. The Longissimus runs along the top of the spine from hip to shoulder. A Porterhouse Steak or T-Bone Steak is made up of Tenderloin and Longissimus muscle and there is no better eating.


As it runs through the ChuckRibShort Loin Top Sirloin Primal Cuts, the Longissimus takes different names in each Primal Cut. In the Chuck it is the Chuck Eye (Longissimus Dorsi). In the Rib it is the Rib Eye (Longissimus thoracis). In the Short Loin it is the Top Loin (Longissimus lumborum) or the “Strip.” It is the Top Sirloin/Strip Sirloin in the Sirloin.


Learning about the Longissimus Dorsi muscle reduces meat marketing confusion and simplifies your purchasing the most tender beef cuts.

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