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Maltose (also known as Maltobiose or Malt Sugar) is a Disaccharide Sugar made by combining two Glucose Sugars. Maltose is the Disaccharide Sugar that is produced when Amylose breaks down Starch. In humans, Maltose is broken down by the enzyme Maltase. Maltose is less sweet than GlucoseFructose or Sucrose.

Maltose was discovered in 1872 and its name comes from Malt, of which it is a major component. Maltose is found primarily in germinating seeds (such as Barley) when they break down their Starch energy reserves for use as food. Maltose is also produced when glucose is Caramelized.

Culinary Uses

Maltose is found in grain-based products such as Beer, Cereal, Pasta, also in Potatoes and in many other sweetened processed products.