Meat Grain
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The Meat Grain, refers to the underlying fibers in the meat. They are typically visible in tougher cuts (more fibrous means tougher) like Beef Chuck, Flank or Round and less easy to spot in more tender cuts like the Tenderloin.

Culinary Uses

If you look closely at a tougher cut you can see that the muscle fibers all lie in one direction. When cutting the meat cut perpendicular to the direction of the grain. “Cutting across the Grain” helps tenderize the meat by shortening the fibers and reducing their tensile strength.

Cutting across the grain also applies when you are slicing cooked meat, or eating yourself. If you can’t see the grain on the cooked meat, slice it once going with one direction. Next, try it cutting perpendicular. Which method of cutting yielded the better bite or portion?