Medium/High Heat which is 375° to 449°F or 190°C to 232°C.
Medium High Heat
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Chef’s actually use both Medium/High and Medium as heat designations for employed heat.

Culinary Uses

We will say Medium Heat when we mean Medium Heat. We will use Medium/High Heat when we mean Medium/High Heat which is 375° to 449°F or 190°C to 232°C.

 Fats suitable for Medium/High Heat are:

Macadamia Nut Oil (Smoke Point 390°F 199°C)

Refined Canola Oil (Smoke Point 400°F 204°C)

Semi-Refined Walnut Oil (Smoke Point 400°F 204°C)

High Quality (low acid) Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Smoke Point 405°F 207°C)

Refined Olive Oil (Smoke Point 437°F 225°C)

Virgin Olive Oil (Smoke Point 420°F 216°C)

Sesame Oil (Smoke Point 410°F 210°C)

Cottonseed Oil (Smoke Point 420°F 216°C)

Grapeseed Oil (Smoke Point 420°F 216°C)

Almond Oil (Smoke Point 420°F 216°C)

Hazelnut Oil (Smoke Point 430°F 221°C)

Peanut Oil (Smoke Point 440°F 227°C)

Sunflower Oil (Smoke Point 440°F 227°C)

 Medium/High Heat, not surprisingly is used similarly to High Heat for quicker results. It is a good choice for Pan Frying. You can tell when your pan has achieved Medium/High Heat by using your Visual Clues, for example the Smoke Point of your fat, The Water Drop Heat Test, or the level of Boil on your liquid.

Medium/High Heat is also frequently used in conjunction with other heats where the high heat provides a sear and the lower heat finish cooks the product.

In our lessons, Teaching Chef cooks over a gas flame which is “easier to control” if you are cooking on an Electric Grill, be aware of the inherent Electric Heat Lag of cooking with electricity.