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Microgreens, also sometimes spelled “micro greens,” are the tiny, tender, young sprouts of Vegetable Greens and Herbs which are a few inches in length. 

Microgreens are not Sprouts, which are really germinated Seeds.


Microgreens can be sold as traditional harvested produce and as “Living” Microgreens which are sold live in a special pot.


Store Microgreens in the refrigerator in a sealed plastic bag. They should last 5 days under refrigeration.

Culinary Uses

The flavors or Microgreens can be surprisingly intense for their small size, but won’t rival full grown versions of the same plants. Essentially, Microgreens are Flair, the 4th of Smart Kitchen’s Four Levers of Cooking.™ They add flavor and a creative touch to presented dishes in finer dining situations.

Each type of Microgreen plant has a different flavor and appearance. Broccoli Microgreens have a little kick. Greek Cress has a peppery taste. Red Microgreen Amarynth has a mild flavor.

Depending on the type of Microgreen, they can be mixed with Salads, put on SandwichesRoasted with other Meats or VegetablesSautéed or used as a Garnish.

Gluten Free


Low Fat


Low Calorie