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In cooking, an Oil is Fats (generally derived from plants) that are liquid at room temperature.


Some of the most edible used oils used in the kitchen include: Olive OilPalm OilSoybean OilCanola OilCorn OilSunflower OilSafflower OilPeanut OilGrape Seed OilSesame OilAvocado Oil and Rice Bran Oil.

The list may seem long but it is not exhaustive. Many Other Kinds of Oils are also used for cooking.


When selecting oil for your meal, or for your cooking, consider:

  • The Smoke Point of the oil in conjunction with the temperature and type of heat you will be employing
  • Flavor of the oil and if that flavor is appropriate for the food you are cooking and the style in which you are cooking it. Olive oil tastes Mediterranean. Sesame Oil tastes Asian.
  • Oil Nutrition: Oils have various health properties. Some oils are healthier choices than others. 

Different fats and oils have different optimal uses. Each performs best within a certain range of temperature. Some are made for high heat cooking, while others have intense flavors but a low smoke point and are just best for drizzling directly on food. There are Many Types of Oils used in the kitchen.  

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