Oregon White Truffle
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Oregon White Truffles include two varieties of white Truffle (Tuber Oregonense and Tuber Gibbosum, formerly known as Tuber Gigantum) found in the Pacific Northwest of the US, from Vancouver Island, British Columbia to Northern California. 

The Oregon White Truffle is a medium sized Truffle about the size of a hen’s egg with a tender light brown Peridio, or exterior, (the Italian White Truffle is tender too.) The Glebe (interior) of a mature Oregon White Truffle is a taupe color with white veining.

Oregon White Truffles have been growing in popularity since they were championed by James Beard, an Oregon native. Champions of the Oregon White Truffle compare its flavor to the Black Perigord Truffle, though there is a lot of variation in the species depending on freshness and the batch.


They are harvested recreationally and commercially, especially in the Willamette Valley of Oregon where the season for the Oregonense is Autumn/Winter and the Gibbosum’s is Spring.


Oregon White Truffles grow symbiotically with fir, pine, oak, hazel, hickory, birch and beech trees (but maple trees) about 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 cm) below the surface of soil about 10 to 14 days after a heavy rain.


Beware of immature Oregon White Truffles at the market, because they will not have yet developed their perfume. Smell them to make sure.

The Oregon White Truffle is known as the American Truffle in Australia.

Culinary Uses

Oregon White Truffles, though less strong than White Italian Truffles, still have a complex, pungent, earthy, garlic-cabbage scent. The Oregon White Truffle holds up to moderate cooking heat but is best used fresh and raw, if possible, to preserve their complexity. Consider shaving them over salads or cooked dishes or making Truffle Oil with them.


Oregon White Truffles are more valuable to the culinary world than their darker cousins, the Oregon Black Truffle.

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