Polish Chicken
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Polish Chickens are a small breed, about 4 lbs to 5 lbs on average (1.8 kg to 2.3 kg). They are an ornamental Chicken and classified as a Continental Chicken because they originate in Poland.

Polish Chickens have a huge bouffant hairdo (Crest) and a v-shaped comb. They are a tame breed but may seem a bit wacky. This is partly their nature, but also their crest makes it hard for them to see.


The Polish Chicken has a few recognized varieties, including: bearded, black crested, white, white crested, golden, silver, buff and laced.

Culinary Uses

Polish Chickens are primarily an ornamental breed but have some usefulness as Egg layers. However, their egg laying capacity varies from bird to bird. Some Polish Chickens are good layers, while others lay poorly. On average, the Polish Chicken lays about two tiny white eggs a week.