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Pot Roasting actually means just that: Roasting food in the oven, in an oven-safe pot. 

Culinary Uses

As you can see from the definition, a true Pot Roast is not cooked with added liquid. If liquid is added when on the stove or in the oven then the technique employed is actually Braising. The major difference will be the texture of the meat, moister with braising, and the Caramelization of the skin. While Pot Roasting will caramelize the outer layers, braising will not. In the U.S., a lot of braising occurs under the guise of Pot Roasting.

In the true version of Pot Roasting, the chef typically sets the meat (a tied-off roast or bird for example), or food, on a wire rack in the bottom of an oven-safe pot with Mirepoix below it and puts the covered pot into an oven pre-heated to 350°F (176.7° C). The Pot Roasting process can last from 30 to 60 minutes. Every 15 minutes or so, Baste the product with its own juices.

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