Prosciutto Ham
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Prosciutto is a Cured Meat that is made from the hind leg (Ham) of either a Pig or Wild Boar.  Prosciutto is usually dry-cured, but can also be wet-cured. The Meat is not Smoked, but Salted and then air-dried for anywhere from nine months to two years. 

While today some producers use Nitrites in the curing process, only Salt is allowed in the processing of Prosciutto in Northern and Central Italy, where the best Prosciutto is made.  The most famous (and expensive) types of Prosciutto are from Parma and San DanieleBenton Hams in Madisonville, TN makes a superior domestic product that we like. They also ship. The link leaves Smart Kitchen and goes to Benton Hams’ site.

Culinary Uses

Prosciutto is used in a variety of dishes, wrapped around Melon slices as an appetizer, in Saltimbocca (thin slices of Veal wrapped in the ham and Sautéed), as part of an Antipasto platter, in Pasta Sauces, on Pizza, and in hot and cold Italian Sandwiches.

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Low Calorie