Though Olive Oil is Known as a Medium Heat Cooking Oil or a Salad Dressing Oil, Refined Olive Oil has a Higher Smoke Point and can be used for Higher Heat Applications.
Refined Olive Oil
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Refined Olive Oil is Olive Oil that has been cleaned, filtered and stripped of much of its flavor and color by using heat and mechanical devices during the refining process.


Refined Olive Oil is made from the leavings of earlier pressings of the Olives. Extra Olive Oil is extracted by means of chemical solvents, filters, heat and mechanical means. 


When purchasing Refined Olive Oil, make sure that your bottle is a darker color (for light protection) and has a "Best Buy Date" and consider how much shelf life you are purchasing. Freshness is not as key with a Refined Olive Oil as it is with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but rancid is never good.

Look for a country of origin label on the bottle and though Refined Olive Oils may have as much as 3% acid, try to find a good oil with as low a percentage of acidity as possible. 


Oxygen, heat, light and time cause Olive Oil to Oxidize and become Rancid.

Oils should be tightly capped and kept in a cool dark place. Olive Oils, which are a Monounsatured Oil, are less susceptible to going rancid than Polyunsaturated Oils due to temperature. Light is still a risk though, so dark colored bottles are helpful in protecting the Refined Olive Oil from light which will cause them to break down.  

If you do refrigerate your Refined Olive Oil it may become semi-solid in the cold. Just let it sit for 15-20 minutes at room temperature and it will return to liquid form. Refined Oils should keep 6 months to a year in the refrigerator.

If over time, your oil gets “sticky” or has off flavors dispose of it. It has gone bad. 

Culinary Uses

Refined Olive Oil is useful for Medium/High Heat and has a Smoke Point of 437°F (225°C), a Melt Point of 32°F (0°C), a Flash Point of 600°F (315°C) and a Fire Point of 700°F (371°C).

Refined Olive Oil is used for cooking, Sautéing, Stir Frying, Salad Dressing and Margarine.



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Because they all come from Olives, all Olive Oils have essentially the same Fat breakdown. 

Olive Oil is a Monounsaturated oil. It is 14% Saturated Fat, 73% Monounsaturated Fat, and 11% Polyunsaturated Fat.

If you are comparing Oils, switching to Olive Oil can help with cholesterol but it won't have as many Antioxidants because its Polyunsaturated Fat is so low. 

Refined Olive Oil can be as much as 3% acid by volume.

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Low Fat


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