To Set Aside Some Portion of an Ingredient or Dish for Future Use.
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Culinary Uses

To Reserve, is a culinary term, which means to set aside a portion of an ingredient, product, sauce, or marinade so that it is available for future use. 

For example, if Marinating a Raw product like Meat, a single batch of marinade might be made, with 90% being used immediately to marinade the product and 10% held back, or Reserved, for future uses such as Basting or Sauce. In this case of working with raw meat, it is important not to Cross-Contaminate the Finish Cooked protein with any Pathogens possibly contained in any of the marinade that has touched the raw meat.

In other instances, a portion of an ingredient can be Reserved, for later use in a second step of a recipe, for adjustments while cooking, finishing or seasoning a dish,  and/or for use as a Side Dish or Garnish.