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Roasting Pan (“Rôtissoire” in French): A large, rectangular heavy-bottomed pan with low-to- medium high sides and two handles.

The sides are low on a Roasting Pan so that the Oven’s hot air can circulate freely around the Roasting product and cook it well on all sides.


These heavy pans come in large rectangular or oval shapes with 2- to 4-inch vertical sides, which keep the pan juices from overflowing in the oven. 


If you are considering Purchasing a Roasting PanCook’s Illustrated recently did a Review of Roasting Pans.

Culinary Uses

The Roasting Pan is used for Oven Roasting.

They can be used to Roast meats such as Prime Rib, Pork Loins or Poultry, like Roasting Thanksgiving Turkeys. Roasting Vegetables (like Oven Roasting Garlic) or roasting bones for making Brown Stocks are other uses. 

Select a Roasting Pan that contains the food comfortably. It should not be so large that there is a lot of open space on the pan bottom. If the Roasting Pan is too large, the Fat and Jus Rendered from the product, will pool on the exposed, unprotected bottom of the Roasting Pan, where they will scorch. Burnt and scorched, Jus and Fond make bad Pan Sauces

Roasting Pans sometimes come with Roasting Racks to keep the product raised out of any pan drippings as it Roasts. If your Roasting Pan doesn't have a Roasting Rack (or Trivet), you can elevate the product, to improve its exposure to the hot air.

A bed of Aromatics or a Mirepoix can be just the thing, especially since one benefit of this approach is that Rendered Fat & Jus make for a flavorful Roasted Mirepoix, which is a natural Side Dish to accompany most Roasted foods.


A good substitute for a Roasting Pan is a Broiling Pan with a removable rack.