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Saucepans are cookware, designed for use on the stove top, with vertical sides the same height as their diameter.


Larger Saucepans (often called Sauce Pots or Soup Pots) of the same shape generally have two short sturdy handles so that they can be lifted with two hands.

Saucepans and Sauce Pots are distinguished by volume (usually 1–8 L) and though they may look like Dutch Ovens they do not have the same heating ability.

Though they are used for sauce making and do a credible job, a Saucier, with rounded sides or a Windsor Pan with Sloping Sides does a better (quicker) job of evaporation and reduction. The expanded sides also make Windsor Pans and Sauciers easier to stir.

Very small saucepans used for heating milk are referred to as Milk Pans, they usually have a lip for pouring out the heated Milk.

Culinary Uses

Saucepans are used for simmering or boiling and generally have one long handle. If the handle is made of metal the Saucepan can also go in the oven.