Skillets are an Americanized Pan wtih Sloping Sides, Used for Browning, Pan Frying or Tossing Product.
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Skillet, Fry Pan or Frying Pan: A skillet or Frying Pan is an Americanized version of the Chef’s Poêle and has sloping sides and is used for browning and tossing small pieces of food like mushrooms, Eggs, or Ground Beef; the longer handle makes it easy to Toss rather than turn the food.


Nonstick versions which require little added fat are nice additions to most kitchens but be aware of the health considerations. If the non-stick coating, like Teflon, gets too hot it can leech off into your food.

Also, there are instances when food should stick, for example in De-Glazing where the Fond and browned bits of food should be left behind.

Aluminum SkilletsCarbon Steel SkilletsCast Iron SkilletsCopper Skillets and Stainless Steel Skillets, can typically be found in kitchens.