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Specialty Grocers are higher end grocery stores that sell more gourmet items and fewer belly stuffers.

Our list of Specialty Grocers is not exhaustive, but we have a general familiarity and confidence in the stores listed. We have visited them, shopped there & done business with most of them on the list. Though the average U.S. supermarket inventory contains 48,000 ‘Shelf Keeping Units’ (SKU’s), it is sometimes hard to find great foods that rise above the average, and reaches the sublime.

We can’t speak to pricing at all of the following, but by reputation, or firsthand, we expect them to be a good bet to find high quality options for most of the ingredients we work with at Smart Kitchen. They are also a good bet to explore and see what they carry that is different from the norm. What can you do with those new specialty foods, including, spices, cheeses and the like? If you have a favorite small chain that we are missing let us know at [email protected] and we can hopefully add it to the list.


Specialty Grocers that sell Fine Foods, including Fine Cheeses, High Quality Oils, Vinegars, Meats, Produce & more Gourmet Items

AJs Fine Foods                              www.ajsfinefoods.com   Arizona

Andronico’s                                     www.andronicos.com     No. Cal.

Balducci’s                                        www.balduccis.com        New York Metro (ish)

Bristol Farms                                  www.bristolfarms.com    So. Cal.

Central Market                                www.centralmarket.com Texas

Ceriello Fine Foods                      www.ceriellofinefoods.com  East Coast         

Clark's Market                                www.clarksmarket.com   Western Colorado & Utah

Earth Fare Market & Café            www.earthfare.com           South East

Food Emporium                           www.thefoodemporium.com    New York Metro

Fred Meyer Stores                        www.fredmeyer.com         Pacific Northwest    

Fresh Market                                 www.freshmarket.com      East, South East, Midwest

Fry's Food Stores                         www.frysfood.com              Arizona

Gelson’s                                        www.gelsons.com             So. Cal.

Harris Teeter                                www.harristeeter.com        South East

Hiller's Market                              www.hillers.com                  Michigan

Kings                                             www.kingswebsite.com     New Jersey

King Soopers                              www.kingsoopers.com       Rocky Mountains

Kowalski's Markets                    www.kowalskis.com           MN

Lunardi's Markets                      www.lunardis.com               No. Cal.

Lund's/Byerly's                           www.lundsandbyerlys.com  MN

Metropolitan Market                  metropolitan-market.com     WA

Mollie Stone's Market               www.molliestones.com       No. Cal.

Nob Hill Foods                          www.nobhill.com                   No. Cal.

Pavillions                                   www.pavillions.com               So. Cal.

Publix                                          www.publix.com                     South East

Raley's                                        www.raleys.com                    No. Cal.

Randall’s                                   www.randalls.com                 Texas

Roche Bros                               www.rochebros.com              Mass.

Stew Leonard’s                        www.stewleonards.com         New York Metro (ish)

Tom Thumb                              www.tomthumb.com                Texas

Tops                                           www.topsmarkets.com          New York & Environs

Treasure Island Foods           www.tifoods.com                      Illinois

Wegman's                                 www.wegmans.com                New York & Some East Coast

Weis Markets                            www.weismarkets.com            Penn & Mid-Atlantic

Whole Foods Market               www.wholefoodsmarket.com     Nationwide