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Staphylococcus (Staphylococcus Aureus) produces exotoxins which cause Intoxication that leads to intense vomiting. The exotoxins remain and can produce illness even when the bacteria that produced them have been killed. Symptoms of the intoxication typically appear 1–6 hours after consumption depending on the amount of exotoxin ingested. The Staphylococcus bacteria can be ingested from foods infected by food handlers with bad hygiene (urine contamination) or open wounds or sores. Once contaminated “Staph” grows particularly well in custards, dairy filled bakery products, hollandaise based sauces, hams, poultry, meat based salads, potato salads & other high protein foods.

How To Prevent

Practice good hygiene by washing hands and sanitizing all surfaces after using the facilities. Keep infected people away from all food and food preparation. Control insect and rodent infestations.