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Golden-Yellow Oat Groats that have been cut into 3-4 pieces by steel blades or steel discs are called Steel-Cut Oats (sometimes also called Irish Oats).  Steel-Cut Oats should not be confused with Scottish Oats, which, in the United States, means stone-ground Oat Groats.

If you are at all confused by the marketing terminology, just think of the cutting process as Chopping up the Oat Groats either roughly, coarsely, finely, etc. because that is exactly what the “Steel” of “Steel Cut” is doing. It is just breaking down the Groats.

Rolled Oats are chopped in exactly the same way but then they are put through giant rollers (with steam and water) to flatten them (and cook them slightly) so that they cook more quickly for the home user. Quaker Oats spokeswoman Candace Mueller stated that the only difference in how the Steel Cut Oats and Rolled Oats are produced is the last step.

When they are processed, all Oats are cleaned and de-hulled before being cut. Cutting is the final step for Steel-Cut Oats. Rolled-Oats go on to get flattened and steamed in giant rollers so that they will cook more quickly (5 minutes) at home than the thicker Steel-Cut Oats (20-45 minutes).


Steel-Cut Oats can be found in 4 textures based on the size of the Oat pieces that result from cutting. “Pinhead Steel Cut Oats” are the biggest pieces, “Coarse Steel-Cut Oats” are a bit smaller. “Medium Steel-Cut Oats” are the next size down and “Fine Steel-Cut Oats” are the smallest size.

Culinary Uses

Steel Cut Oats are commonly used to make Porridge. The major benefit of Steel Cut Oats versus Rolled Oats is their toastier flavor, chewier texture and their higher Fiber content. The major drawback of Steel Cuts Oats versus Rolled Oats is the extra time it takes Steel Cut Oats to cook. Steel Cut Oats typically take 20-45 minutes to cook, whereas Rolled Oats can cook in as little as 5 to 15 minutes.

Steel-Cut Oats’ cooking time can be reduced significantly if they are pre-soaked (See Smart Kitchen’s Fast Steel-Cut Oats Porridge Recipe.)

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