Sweet Almonds
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Almonds come in two types: Sweet Almonds (Prunus Dulcis)and Bitter Almonds. Almost all of the commercially grown Almonds are Sweet Almonds.  Bitter Almonds contain Prussic Acid which can produce poisonous Cyanide.

Culinary Uses

Sweet Almonds are often Roasted (or Blanched) and then slivered, Chopped or chunked for use in Green SaladsBound SaladsStuffingPuddings, even Ice Cream Toppings.

Sweet Almonds are also used in cooking, for example in many Asian Dishes, and to make Dessert Pastes and Dessert GarnishesMarzipan and Nougat are two such famous use of Sweet Almonds to make a dessert paste.

Sweet Almonds are also pressed to extract their Almond Oil. Sweet Almond Oil extract is often used instead of Vanilla to make diabetic-friendly recipes.

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Low Fat


Low Calorie