China Cap
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China Cap: This perforated Chinois has a larger mesh size and is used whenever a preparation calls for general, but not fine, straining.

In most other respects, including the handle and the hook, a China Cap is similar to a Chinois, which is the other type of conical strainer found in the well equipped kitchen.

Both types of Chinois are conical liquid strainers shaped like ancient Chinese hats, hence the name “China Cap” and/or “Chinois,” which means “Chinese” in French. 

The imprecise cook refers to both types of strainers as Chinois and/or China Caps because of their distinct conical hat shape. The formal definition for the Chinois Etamine (the bouillon strainer), is a fine strainer most commonly referred to as the Chinois. The coarser meshed Perforated Chinois is called a China Cap.

Culinary Uses

The China Cap is often used for softer foods.