Ascorbic Acid
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Ascorbic Acid is essentially vitamin c, that is typically used to coat perishable cut or peeled foods to protect them (and their color) during canning or storage. Cut peaches, quartered apples and sliced apricots, are all good examples of fruits that benefit from Ascorbic Acid for canning. Mushrooms and Potatoes are vegetables that commononly used for canning, as well.

Culinary Uses

The typical Ascorbic Acid Solution is made by placing 10 oz (283 g) of Ascorbic Acid into 1 gal (3.8 l) of cold water.

The Ascorbic Acid usually comes in several forms. Seasonally canning supply sections of the grocery store, will carry a pure powdered form. Your everyday Vitamin C tablets will work too (6,500 mg tablets will equal 3,000 mg.)