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Beurre Monte can refer to a melted butter preparation, or to a sauce made from butter. Essentially a Beurre Monte is Whole Butter mixed with hot water.

Beurre Monte has the advantage over whole butter of being able to stand slightly higher heats before breaking down into its component parts. Whole Butter breaks into its constituent parts at 160°F (71° C) and is unsuitable for higher temperature cooking methods like Poaching

Culinary Uses

Beurre Monté can go as high as 180° F or 190° F (82°C-88° C) before breaking down, and as such can be used as a Poaching liquid, a Resting Medium for cooked meats, or a sauce.

Smart Kitchen’s Beurre Monté Recipe is an easy, though not quick, way to prepare a Beurre Monté.

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