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The Brunoise knife cut (from the French) is a small dice cut named after the “Brunoy Commune,” a district 12 miles southeast of Paris, where the cut was popularized.

A Brunoise cut is, ⅛” wide by ⅛” tall and ⅛” long, (.3175 cm long by .3175 cm by .3175 cm). The Brunoise cut is derived by cutting down the julienne at ⅛” intervals.

Culinary Uses

Smart Kitchen teaches how to perform a Brunoise Cut on a number of vegetables. For example we teach how to Brunoise a carrot in Lesson 2: Basic Knife Skills, Topic 8: Cube Cuts, Exercise 3: Brunoise a Carrot.

A Fine Brunoise is similar to a Brunoise but cut down at 1/16" intervals.