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Cream Together means to beat/whip/Whisk the ingredients together in the same Mixing Bowl until they are combined and have a creamy smooth consistency. Typically Butter or Cream Cheese are Creamed Together with Sugar or Flour. Sometimes Eggs are added.

Culinary Uses

To Cream Together, Temper the butter or cream cheese, typically by pulling it from the refrigerator and letting it sit at room temperature until is is the same temperature as your Sugar, Flour or other ingredient that you are trying to Cream Together.

When they are at the same temperature beat/whip/whisk them together with a hand or stand mixer or similar until well incorporated and smooth. A uniform homogenous blend of ingredients is the goal of Creaming Together the ingredients.

A second method of Creaming Together ingredients would be to temper them and then cut the chunky one in manageable pieces. The chunks can be incorporated/coated/introduced to the other ingredients(s) and then whipped/beaten/mixed until they are uniform and almost indistinguishable from one another, when they will have been Creamed Together.