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Degreased means to remove excess and unwanted fat from a product like Stock or Pan Jus. 

Culinary Uses

A stock can be degreased while simmering by using a spider or kitchen spoon to lift out any visible impurities. Much of the fat, however, is not easily accessible while the stock is hot. A way to further rid your stock of fat and impurities is to refrigerate your stock. The cold will force the fat to rise to the surface, allowing you to then use a skimmer or kitchen spoon to lift the floating grease and fat out of the stock. Degreasing a Pan in which meat has been cooked is as simple as tilting the pan over the sink (or garbage pail if the grease is not too hot) and allowing as much of the fat to drain away as you wish. The desirable flavor which we seek to use when De-glazing is not primarily in the fat but in the solid remnants of the cooking food called the Fond.