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Demi-Glace: means "half-glaze" in French and is used to describe a Brown Stock that is Reduced by one half to one third so that is has a Nappé consistency. "Glace" means fully "glazed" in French and is the term for when the Brown Stock has been Reduced down to almost a rubbery, "gel-like" consistency.

Brown Veal Stock is the traditional choice for both Demi Glace and Glace, but Brown Beef Stock and Brown Chicken Stock can both be used as substitutes. Demi Glace, a reduction of Brown Stock, is the original Brown Mother Sauce. Smart Kitchen has an Exercise on making a Brown Mother Sauce / Demi Glace in the classic way. We also have an Exercise on Making Glace

As with all things, creative chefs have invented some short cuts. For Demi Glace, the best short cut is to make a Demi Glace from a mixture of one half Brown Stock and one half brown Espagnole Sauce, which most commercial kitchens will already have on hand. The two are Reduced together to about half of their original volume. Smart Kitchen covers this quick version too in the Advanced Exercise Demi Glace - Quick Version.