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Dumpling is an umbrella term that refers to cooked balls of Dough. The dough can be made from any number of Flours, Starches or Breads.

Dumplings can be Sweet or Savory and can have a filling (Meat, Fish, Vegetables, FruitCheese, etc.) or be unfilled.  They can also be made from a flavored or spiced dough.


There are as many different types of Dumplings as there are cuisines. Some Dumplings are monstrous, apple-filled, deep-fried affairs, while others are just pinches of boiled dough. Gnocchi, Pot Stickers, and Wontons are all examples of Dumplings.

Culinary Uses

Dumplings are most commonly cooked by SteamingSimmering, BoilingBakingPan Frying or Deep Frying.  Dumplings can be eaten as a stand-alone dish, an Appetizer, an Hors d’Oeuvre, a Dessert, or as an ingredient in other dishes such as SoupStew, or Gravy.

Smart Kitchen has a Rosemary Dumpling Recipe in the Recipe section.