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The egg shell is composed of calcium carbonate, which is paradoxically both strong and brittle. It is strong enough to withstand the mother hen sitting on it, yet it is very easy to break open. The shell is also very porous, allowing moisture to escape and odors & flavors to be absorbed by the egg. Since the 1950’s a debate has raged about whether to put egg shells down the disposal. Eggshells are very brittle and break as soon as the disposal is flipped on but they seem to be found in a lot of clogs. We are not plumbers, but around Smart Kitchen, we have a couple hundred years of combined culinary wisdom and our two cents (which is what it is worth) is that we don’t think your disposal will blink at egg shells. In fact, we think of the shells like roughage for the system. They may abrade pulp, grease and other gunk in the pipes on their way down. The egg shells do have a bad reputation for clogging pipes but we have never had a problem and expect that any clog removed has easily spotted bits of white egg shell to be observed stuck behind whatever object was the real culprit of the clog. That being said, use your judgment. You know if your home is clog prone, and remember that most people don’t use enough water when they use the disposal to flush all the debris out of their pipes. Use plenty of water and your egg shells should travel happily down the pipes.