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En Papillote (“in paper” in French) is a moist heat cooking method, where foods and seasonings are cooked together inside an envelope made of parchment paper (aluminum foil can also be used).  The En Papillote is then sealed before cooking. The seal creates an airtight environment in which the food steams and takes on whatever flavorings have been added to the mixture.

Culinary Uses

There are a lot of plusses to cooking En Papillote. One of the most important, and healthiest, reasons is that there is no need for a lot of Fat or Oil. Because the cooked product Steams in its own juices, it can remain moist without help from the caloric lipids.

A second important reason for choosing En Papillote as a cooking technique is flavoring and flavor retention. Sealing the En Papillote packet around the product and any added seasonings means that all of the flavors are trapped. They have nowhere to escape.  Therefore their flavoring is more intensely concentrated on the product than it is in other cooking methods where seasonings might get diluted by the cooking liquid or simply evaporate into the air with the steam.  This concentration of flavoring is especially helpful when cooking bland food items like White Fish or White Chicken Meat, both of which are frequently cooked En Papillote. Smart Kitchen demonstrates how to cook a Red Snapper Filet in our Cooking En Papillote Exercise.