An Entrecote can sometimes also be known as a Beauty Steak.
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"Entrecote" has dual meanings where one refers to a specific culinary Entrecote recipe, and the other refers to a cut of beef from the rib section. The Entrecote is the French name for rib meat between the rib bones, what we call "Boneless Rib Eye" in English. It can also mean, specifically, cuts from only rib #9 – rib #11, sometimes Rib #12. The French name is derived from the French words for “between” (”Entre”) and “rib” (“Côte”).


When cooking you will come across an Entrecôte for most of the large domesticated stock animals: Beef, Sheep, Swine etc.

Culinary Uses

Across all animals, Entrecôte is best cooked with a Dry Heat Method like BroilingGrilling or Sautéing. Because of its higher fat content, Moist  Heat Methods, like Braising are not as good a choice.

Low Fat


Low Calorie