Extra Rare Meat
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Extra Rare (“Bleu” in French) refers to meats (primarily beef - lamb - fish) barely cooked, where they are cold and red throughout. They are more of a risk to eat but will be soft, flavorful and tender (depending on your cut). The FDA does not recommend consuming Extra Rare Meat.

At Smart Kitchen, we don’t  recommend it either, but we do eat beef, lamb and certain seafood extra rare, on occasion, when we are sure of our supply and are feeling up to the risks. Extra rare is never a good final cooking temperature for poultry or pork.

If you are intent on achieving an extra rare outcome, your product should reach an internal temperature of 115° F (46° C). You should also sear all 6 sides of the meat to seal in the flavor. 


Items cooked Extra Rare should not be held for long periods of time, except under refrigeration.