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At first blush the idea of a Fish Loin seems ludicrous. Fish don’t have legs and therefore can’t technically have a Loin Primal Cut. But marketers are clever. By using the term “Fish Loin,” by which they mean the lower back of a Round Fish (typically above the spine), they are trying to cash in in on the “steak-y” cachet of the term Loin by applying it to Fish Steaks.


The idea of a Fish Loin is to describe the prime part of the Fish Fillet, typically from the lower back and above the spine of a larger Round Fish such as SwordfishTunaMarlin, etc. which have a larger structure and larger bones.  Fish Loin is meant to describe the best part of the Fish, much as the term Loin describes the more tender cuts of Beef.


At Smart Kitchen, we can subscribe to the concept of Fish Loins when we are trying to sell an expensive entrée of line-caught Swordfish, but when buying the Swordfish Fillets we want to forget all about the term and get a better price. So being aware that Fish Loin has no real meaning and is a sort of marketing shorthand, we offer the definition of Fish Loin for informational purposes. Feel free to use or ignore the term as it suits you or your situation.

The Fish Loin is not typically sold at retail but at wholesale to the fishmonger, in a manner akin to a Primal Cut. The fishmonger will then cut solid pieces of Fish Steak from the Fish Loin.