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Ground Poultry Meat is a catch-all that covers all of the types of domesticated Poultry meat commonly found in ground form at retail. The rules for Ground Poultry Meat apply to each specific type of avian, which is commonly designated as Ground ChickenGround Turkey, etc. Ground Poultry Meat does have to contain the type of fowl described on the label.

There are no specific Federal rules governing Ground Poultry Meat as far as percentages of White Meat or Dark Meat, type of Poultry Primal Cuts (Breast, Legs, Wings, Neck, etc.) that can be used, etc. The major distinction in the ground poultry freezer case is between Ground Poultry Meat and Ground Poultry.

Ground Poultry Meat can only contain the muscle meat of the avian species described on the label. It cannot contain the fatty skin. This means Ground Poultry Meat can be only as fatty as the Dark Meat of that species of bird, since in theory, the Ground Poultry Meat can be 100% Dark Meat (Poultry Dark Meat is fattier than Poultry White Meat). Check the color of the meat to estimate what percentage is White Meat and what percentage is Dark Meat.

Ground Poultry can have muscle meat and skin in “natural proportions,” meaning that the fatty skin can be used in Ground Poultry in the same proportions that it occurs on the average carcass of that type of bird. No extra fat can be added, but all Dark Meat could, in theory, be used for all of the meat.