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Jam: Fruit gel made from fruit pulp and sugar. Nutritional Value USDA
Even though saffron was not abundant in the New World, the Spanish still tried to make their national dish: Paella. The result was Jambalaya (pronounced “jahm-buh-lie-uh or jum-buh-lie-uh) where tomatoes were pressed into service as a saffron replacement. Jambalaya takes its name...
Jambon: A French cut of the pork carcass; it consists of the muscles of the hind leg, usually with the bone in.
James Beard: This chef is hailed as "The Father of American Gastronomy." He is famous for his books and for being one of the first television personalities in the culinary industry. Nutritional Value USDA
Jarret: A French cut of the veal carcass; it is the knuckle or shin and contains the leg bone with marrow and meat. 2. French for shin or knuckle.
Jelly: Fruit gel made from fruit juice and sugar. Nutritional Value USDA
Jerk: To cut meat into long strips and preserve them by sun-drying, oven-drying or smoke curing.
Jiffy: A fabricated cut of the Beef Primal Flank; it is a thinly cut and/or cubed steak. Low Fat No Low Calorie No
Joule: A unit of work or energy used in the metric system instead of calories; 1 calorie (kilocalorie) equals 4185.5 joules.
Juice: To extract the juice released or squeezed from any raw food. 2. The blood and other liquids that run from meat or poultry during cooking. 3. The liquid surrounding the flesh of certain shellfish, such as a clam, when first opened raw; also known as liquor.
Julienne is a French culinary term that means a "Very Small Matchstick Cut." The very small sized rectangular Log Cut, Julienne is ⅛” wide by ⅛” tall and approximately 2” long, (5 cm long by .3175 cm by .3175 cm). If the log cut were cut at 1/16" instead,...
Jumbo: A marketing term for a lobster weighing more than 2 1/2 lb. (1.2 kg).
Jus: juices that come directly from roasted meat. The Jus, is gathered from the roasting pan, strained, and used to make a sauce. Culinary Uses Smart Kitchen has a recipe for Beef Jus in our Recipe section. Nutritional Value USDA
Jus Lie is French. It refers to meat juice (jus) that has been lightly thickened with either arrowroot starch or cornstarch. The similar sounding "au jus" means "with juice" and describes serving of meat, most often beef, with its natural juices produced while the meat...
Jus Lie a l'Estragon is a Tarragon flavored Thickened Gravy.