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Na Mool: A Korean term for marinated vegetables or cooked dishes served cold, usually as accompaniments.
Naked Frying: A cooking method in which foods, usually small items, without any Flour or Batter Coating are Deep Fried in moderately hot oil.
Namkin: A general term used in Hindi for all salty, savory snacks.
Nappa Valley is a grape-growing and wine-producing region located in Napa County, near San Francisco, that incorporates nearly the entire country; the principal grapes grown are Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay and, to a lesser extent, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Johannisberg...
Napoleon: A label term on bottles of Armagnac and Cognac; it indicates that the youngest brandy in the blend is at least 5 1/2 years old.
Nappé refers to the consistency of a liquid, usually a sauce, that will coat the back of a spoon.
Nata: A thick, white, translucent gelatinous surface coating (believed to be dextran) sometimes found on fruits such as pineapple, coconut or sugarcane; it attracts acid forming bacteria and, after washing and boiling, is used as a flavoring in Filipino, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian...
Natamycin: A food additive used to inhibit the growth of mold on Cheese; also known as pimaricin.
National Cuisine: cuisine and culinary styles specific to a certain country or region. Some examples include: French Cuisine, Russian Cuisine, and Japanese Cuisine. Nutritional Value USDA
Natural Beef: Beef from cattle raised on a natural diet and not given supplements.
Natural Food is a term that sounds terrific according to our dictionary definition of the word. We think of clear streams and animals having coffee together under a toadstool while Jimminy Cricket plays the fiddle. Many things are natural. Rocks, iron, tree sap, sodium, bugs, seaweed...
Natural Rind: A rind that develops naturally on a cheese's exterior during ripening without the aid of ripening agents (bacteria) or washing; most firm or hard cheeses have natural rinds that range from thin to thick and tough.
Natural Sweetener: Any natural (as opposed to a artificial) sweetener other than refined Sucrose.
Neck Fillet:: A fabricated cut of the Beef Primal Chuck; popular in Great Britain.
Neck of Beef: A subprimal cut of the beef primal chuck that is located above the first rib blade bone and arm bone.
Neutral: A tasting term for a food or beverage that lacks character or distinguishing features. 2. A wine-tasting term for a wine that lacks a distinctive character but is otherwise flawless.
New York Style Steak: A fabricated cut of the beef primal round; it is a fully trimmed, center-cut steak.
Newport Rib Roast: A fabricated cut of the Beef Primal Rib; it is a semi boned roast.
Niacinamide: A food additive used as a nutrient supplement; also known as nicotinamide.
Non-Enzymatic Browning is a process in which foods are browned without the presence of enzymes, usually using heat. When sautéing onions, for example, the sugars are caramelized through exposure to heat which results in the non-enzymatic browning of the food.
Nouvelle Cuisine is characterized by a lighter, more delicate dishes with an increased emphasis on presentation. Nouvelle Cuisine, a form of "Haute Cuisine," was founded by chef Careme of France. Nutritional Value USDA
NRA: An association responsible for food safety training and certification programs for restaurant employees. Nutritional Value USDA
NSF: A non-profit, non-government organization that creates standards and product certifications and education in the health and safety fields. Nutritional Value USDA