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In the kitchen, Sabayon is an Egg Yolk and liquor blend mixed over low heat.

This classic Italian cooking technique/dish "Sabayon," was imported by Catherine de Medici to France when she married King Henry II in 1547.

Today, in common usage a Sabayon is thought of as a sweet, light custard. However, technically, a Sabayon is any blend of Egg Yolks with alcohol, (or other liquid in modern practice), whisked over a Bain Marie or Double Boiler. It can include sugar, or not, but is properly served hot or warm to preserve the aeration and any emulsions.

Culinary Uses

With Sugar and/or sweet wine added, the Sabayon would correctly be called a sweet Sabayon. Sweet Sabayon, or even better a Champagne Sabayon, pairs very well with sweets like fruits & berries or delicate lace cookies.

Without Sugar, and perhaps with some spice, the Saboyan would be called a savory Sabayon. Savory Saboyan are very similar to Sauces.  In fact, a Saboyan is the base for the Mother Sauce,  Hollandaise Sauce.

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