Salad Greens
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Salad Greens are any of the Greens or Leafy Greens suitable for use, Raw, in Salads or as a bed for other Salad ingredients.


Salad Greens include: LettuceSpinachEndiveChicoryArugulaKale, etc.

Culinary Uses

Salad Greens grow close the ground and end up making nice homes for lots of bugs, germs and grit. Salad Greens should be washed well before using them Raw. Smart Kitchen’s Iceberg Lettuce Exercise demonstrates a good general technique for washing and preparing Salad Greens, but each type of Green, will have its own best method of preparation described on its own resource page.

Salad Greens have a bit of texture and flavor. They add a nice “Mouth Feel” to just about any dish. Salad Greens are made up largely of water, so if you plan on cooking them stay with something gentle like a quick Sauté or just Wilting them or they will break down and lose some of their character.

Gluten Free


Low Fat


Low Calorie