This Sauce aux Cerises is a Cherry Sauce for Cold Sweets.
Sauce aux Cerises Sweet
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Sauce aux Cerises (Sweet), which means "Cherry Sauce" in French, can't help but be confused with Sauce aux Cerises. Sauce au Cerises (Sweet) is used, according to Escoffier in Le Guide Culinaire to accompany cold sweets. 

Sauce aux Cerises (Sweet) is made with Red Currant Jelly (flavored with Raspberry), the liquid from some freshly stewed Cherries, Blood Orange Juice, ground Ginger, and a dash of red color. Finish the Sauce aux Cerises (Sweet) with some Glacé Cherries, which were softened in a warm Kirsch flavored syrup.

Culinary Uses

The classic Sauce aux Cerises is better with Venison and Duck.