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Finadene Sauce (sometimes known as Fina Dene Sauce) is a multi-threat Sauce. It is salty, spicy and sour. Its flavor is traditional in Guam (Chamorro Cuisine) and the Philippines. It is made by blending an Acid, typically Cane Vinegar or Lemon Juice, with Soy Sauce, and then adding Minced Aromatics (White Onions or Green Onions, for example). Fresh Chopped Chili Peppers can also be added.


The Finadene Sauce can be thinned by the addition of Oil or water and used as a Pacific-flavored Marinade, which will both Tenderize and add flavor to a food item.

Lemon Finadene Sauce is made by swapping Lemon Juice for the Soy Sauce.

Culinary Uses

Finadene Sauce can be used as a Marinade (frequently thinned with Oil or water), Dipping Sauce, or an accompaniment to Starches such as Rice. If being served as a stand-alone over Rice, chopped Tomatoes are often added to the sauce. Smart Kitchen’s Tininin Chicken Recipe is an example of using Finadene Sauce as a Marinade.

A starter or basic Finadene Sauce Recipe can be found by following the link to Smart Kitchen’s Finadene Sauce Recipe.

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