Sauce Grand-Venuer is an embellishment of a Sauce Poivrade made by one of Two Methods.
Sauce Grand Venuer
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"Grand Veneur" means "Chief Huntsman" in French.

A classic French Sauce, the original Sauce Grand-Veneur was made from a Sauce Poivrade to which Espagnole SauceCarrotsOnionsParsleyThymeBay LeafVinegar and Pepper (crushed peppercorns) are added. It was Finished using Venison Stock, Hare's Blood, and a Marinade.


Chef Auguste Escoffier created a simpler version known as Sauce Grand-Veneur (Escoffier's Method) which was also based on a Sauce Poivrade (a thin one) with  Espagnole Sauce, Carrots, Onions, Parsley, Thyme, Bayleaf, Vinegar, and Pepper (crushed peppercorns). Escoffier's Sauce Grand-Veneur is Finished with Heavy Cream and Red Currant Jelly.

Culinary Uses

In Le Guide Culinaire, Chef Escoffier describes his version of Sauce Grand-Veneur as being well suited to joints of Venison.

Low Fat


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