Sauce Hussarde is Derived from a Brown Stock and Especially Suited to Grilled or Spit-Roasted Red Meats.
Sauce Hussarde
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"Hussarde" in French translates to English as "Hussar", or a type of Hungarian light cavalry. One can imagine that Sauce Hussarde was taught to the French by the meat eating Hungarian cavalries that campaigned with the French soldiers during the Napoleonic wars.

Sauce Hussarde is one of the classic Sauces organized by Escoffier. Sauce Hussarde, which is related to Sauce Espagnole, is derived from Brown Stock or Demi-Glacé flavored with White Wine,  and some (or all) of the following: ButterOnionsShallotsTomato PuréeGarlic and a Bouquet Garni

Sauce Hussarde is typically Finished with Prosciutto (or Diced Ham), Parsley and Horseradish.

Culinary Uses

Sauce Hussarde is traditionally served with Grilled red Meats or Spit-Roasted red meats.

Low Fat


Low Calorie