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Sauce Piquante is a classic French Compound Sauce made from a Demi-Glacé  (or Sauce Espagnole) flavored with Shallots, white wine and Vinegar (Champagne Vinegar is best) and Garnished with Fine Herbs and Sour Gherkins.

Culinary Uses

In Cajun Cuisine, the Sauce Piquante, is common (spiced by Tabasco sauce or spicy peppers) and often includes any available seafood, poultry, meat or wild game. Cajun Sauce Piquante is normally served over white rice. 

Sauce Piquante usually accompanies GrilledRoasted, or Boiled Pork but it can be served with boiled Beef or a Mince of butcher's Meats.

Low Fat


Low Calorie