Sauce Poivrade Can Mean Any of a Number of Classic French Pepper Sauces.
Sauce Poivrade
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Sauce Poivrade is a name given to any of the various Sauces in which peppercorns provide the dominant or characteristic flavor.


Sauce Poivrade can be made as a Compound Sauce derived from a Demi Glacé or an Espagnole Sauce.

Sometimes Poivrade sauce is even made directly from a Brown Stock

Sauce Poivrade can also be made especially to accompany wild game where it would be made from a Sauce Espagnole with OilMirepoixThymeBay LeafParsleyVenison trimmings, Vinegar, White Wine, Brown Game StockMarinade and Pepper (crushed peppercorns) added. The Sauce Poivrade (for game) would then be Finished with Whole Butter.

Sauce Poivrade is not the same as a Sauce au Poivre, which is a Pan Sauce.

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