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Sauce Ravigote is a classic French sauce that can be made as either of two variants. Early Chefs improvised and imitated, and over the years, different versions of classic sauces have arisen. Knowing which variant of a classic sauce is being called for will be very helpful if you are trying to recreate a dish.


Variant 1 of a Sauce Ravigote is a cold sauce made from a Vinaigrette Garnished with CapersChopped Onions and Fine Herbs

Variant 2 of a Sauce Ravigote is a hot Compound Sauce made from a Velouté Sauce flavored with white wine, Vinegar and Shallots and finished with Fine Herbs. More recently Ravigote sauce has been also flavored with Mustard.

Culinary Uses

Typically, the cold Ravigote Sauce is used with cold foods and the hot Ravigote Sauce with hot foods.