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Sauce Robert is one of the earliest Compound Sauces recorded. It and Remoulade are the only two classic sauces to pre-date Marie-Antoine Carême’s classification of 78 sauces in the 1800’s.

Sauce Robert was mentioned in Massaliot’s “Le Cuisinier Roial et Bourgeois in 1691.” A version was also included in the 1651 book by Pierre de la Varenne, Henry IV’s chef, “Le Cuisinier François.”

Sauce Robert  is a Compound Sauce made from a Demi-Glacé  flavored with Onions, ⅔ white wine and ⅓ white wine vinegar and finished with a Dijon style mustard. It can also be flavored with whole peppercorns, a few Bay Leaves or a sprig or two of fresh Thyme.

Culinary Uses

Sauce Robert is best known as a sauce for pork and lamb but is so compelling that it can be used in other applications, such as beef, to good effect.

Low Fat


Low Calorie